How It all Started | How Custom Caps Was Born

A Beautiful Scrub Hat Story

When I began working in the Operating Room a couple years ago I found everything to be dull in colour. OR green was everywhere, Scrub Green was everywhere!! This was my daily work wear; the worst part was that that was everyone’s work wear. I was lost in a sea of ugly OR green.

Then one morning I decided to put an end to this drab and dreary, colourless world. I dove into my fabric stash and I came out vibrant. I found the brightest most ridiculously colorful fabric with toucans on it and I sewed it up.

Dear me I had never been so popular in my life that next day, everyone wanted one, wanted six. I stood out like a sore thumb but for my it was brilliant!

Thus, Custom Caps Company was born. I still personally hand pick each fabric used to make my hats. I pride myself in my fabric selection of bight, bold and fun prints that are sure to make you love wearing them (just as much as I do!)!

Be Bright, Be Bold, Be Vibrant

Custon Caps Co. 💋